Episode 2

New Team Members


October 11th, 2019

23 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

*This is episode two, recorded on October 11th, 2019. *

Hosted by Jiggy the art lead, and Deathlyrage, the lead programmer. We’re both part of the Alderon Games Team, and we’re working on a variety of different games. Our primary focus right now is working on Path of Titans, a dinosaur MMO survival video game.

In this show we talk about Path of Titans development, and also touch upon the daily life and struggles of being part of an indie video game dev team.
The Path of Titans demo is currently available and you can access it if you’ve bought the game or higher from our store at https://alderongames.com/store/path-of-titans.

In this episode we are going to answer some of the questions sent in by the community and share a little about how development has been going this week.


  • Introduce our new team members
  • Wind and environment detail
  • New skins
  • Translation and regional pricing
  • QnA

Gary the squirrel:

Video of Gary the squirrel:

Here are some questions that were sent to us via email at https://podcast.alderongames.com/contact

JiggyIsAwesome asks
Will there be corpse dragging, and pouncing?
Maybe even charging for like pachycephalosaurus?
It'd be pretty cool if a pterosaur could snatch prey while flying as well.

Amanda asks
Will there be a map in-game so that we can navigate easier through the world?

Fierysmaug asks
When you add wind in the game, will the Grass and trees move in the same Direction as the wind?
same as Rain? and if it Rains, will there be Puddles arround with water, and is your dino getting a 'wet' look

Ghost asks
My question today is about what you'd like to do with the fish AI reactions. Is the end goal to have the fish react dynamically and try to move away from approaching predators or potential threats in the water, or more to have them static and moving in some set pattern regardless of who's on the shore bank or wading through?

Lumine asks
Will everyone be able to create mods or will only certain people?

Vividsky asks
How much control do you intend to have over mods? for example if people started modding in ww2 tanks for example would that be too far away from the game to be allowed to be modded in?

Sergi asks
Do you have any plans on making a custom skin system, where we can create our own skins and them get them confirmed to be able to use them or something similar to that?

thehollyraven asks
Will we ever get skins that are like, say, birds of paradise or brightly colored birds in general for Laten/Deino/Achillo/Any Other Bird-like Dino?

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