Episode 1



September 30th, 2019

42 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

*This is episode one, recorded on September 30th, 2019. *

Hosted by Jiggy the art lead, and Deathlyrage, the lead programmer. We’re both part of the Alderon Games Team, and we’re working on a variety of different games. Our primary focus right now is working on Path of Titans, a dinosaur MMO survival video game.

In this show we talk about Path of Titans development, and also touch upon the daily life and struggles of being part of an indie video game dev team.
The Path of Titans demo is currently available and you can access it if you’ve bought the game or higher from our store at https://alderongames.com/store/path-of-titans.

In this episode we are going to answer some of the questions sent in by the community and share a little about how development has been going this week.


  • Kentrosaurus has been completed.
  • The AI demo and feedback we got from the AI demo.
  • Mobile version Demo?
  • Day/Night cycle demo released and why it’s brighter at night

Here are some questions that were sent to us via email at https://podcast.alderongames.com/contact

Milly asks
What got you into Game-developing and how/when did you start out?

Niko asks
Will you have an aging method in your game? How will it work during the gameplay if there is one?

Lissidragon asks
Will the Spinosaurus be a quadrupled? It would be awesome to see a game have this take. Perhaps even having the bipedal as another kind to play.

RedRodine asks
What's the most difficult part in making path of titans so far?

Poncho asks
What do the dino collisions really entail in the game for those of us unaware? How will dino collisions be useful in combat scenarios or in just the average scenario?

MrDoll asks
Will there be collision and trample damage?

Mighty Mercer asks
Hey there, I was wondering how progress for consoles is going, I know ya cant share massive details or most info yet but even a little tease would do. Also is there anything that the supporters can do? Or is it just a waiting game for now?

Infa32 asks
Are you possibly going to add functionality for lower specs computers for the early access version of PoT, or is that just for the finalized version?

Alyrius asks
How much can be said of the combat system? It is certainly one of the more difficult sides of the game to work on and still one of the most vital ones. What kind of combat system is planned? And what will attacks look like?

Nick asks
How do you guys plan on keeping all the dinosaurs balanced- no matter what animal they are or how long they've been playing?

Stagiaire asks
What has been you first difficulty on the project ?
What has been the biggest difficulty yet ?
How many hours do you work on it each day ?
What's your favorite dino in the roster for each of you ?
How did you feel when the Indiegogo campaign and Alderon Game store reach this crazy amount ?
Does Jiggy eat peach everyday ?

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Episode Links

  • Get the Demo! — The Demo for Path of Titans is available! To access the demo, purchase a perk from our Alderon Games Store that includes a copy of the game.
  • YouTube Channel — Check out our YouTube channel for more WIP videos of the game.